Molecular(ly) Advanced Mask

Molecular(ly) Advanced Mask

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Our intensely hydrating Advanced Molecular Mask smooths over your skin, rejuvenates and restores its natural radiance and glow. Recommended for dry, dull and rough complexion in need of serious hydration as well as to compliment aesthetic treatments, this mask does wonders!

For luminescent skin, follow this mask with our Magic Rain Molecular Hydramist, Aesthetic Magic Face Lift Serum and Daily Molecular Cream.

This unique face mask contains stem cells and botanical growth factors to enhance the skin’s repair mechanism and deliver deep-tissue hydration for up to 3 days. Apply three times a week, after the treatment

A light easily-absorbed advanced formula serum containing two kinds of hyaluronic acid enriched in skin rejuvenating molecular water.

The low-molecular hyraluronic acid protects the skin against the ageing process, absorbing water and intensively moisturising the epidermis and deeper layers of the skin.

The high molecular hyaluronic acid creates a natural film, which protects the hydrolipid skin barrier and, at the same time, hydrates and prevents loss of water.

With growth factors from stem cells.

Base of mask is made of silky protein.

Results: Firmer, supple, more youthful look.


• Cools and calms

• Soothes irritation

• Rehydrates, lifts, revitalises

• For skin brightening

Size: 1 Mask (27g)