[SPECIAL] Platinum Lift Serum

[SPECIAL] Platinum Lift Serum

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Dr Gabriela's first clinical product - the Magic Beauty Facelift Serum was made for intense hydration and healing after aesthetic treatments. 

Platinum Lift Serum was created to lift and rejuvenate mature skin. Too many fine wrinkles? Skin looks dehydrated? Skin lost its firmness and elasticity?

This is an answer to all above problems!

Additionally it can be used normally to achieve incredibly smooth, lifted and glowing skin.


ADVICE: Use with any of the two intensely hydrating mists for beautifully lifted, clear and glowing skin:

Magic Rain Hydramist                 

Platinum Lift Anti-Ageing Mist 


Contains - Molecular Water, V-oxy, hyaluronic acid, gold, platinum, titanium, nanopeptide and vitamins A, E & C.