NHS Emergency Skin Pack

NHS Emergency Skin Pack

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We want to say THANK YOU! by preparing this special Emergency Skin Pack of our best products with an affordable price to help your damaged skin. The products will make sure that even in stressful situations, your skin will look amazing and you will feel simply great!

It contains the following:

  • Molecular Daily Cream 50ml
  • Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain 95ml
  • Hand Cream Hydration + Rejuvenation 50ml

The descriptions are below:

Molecular Daily Cream

With the natural antioxidant benefits of olive oil, Vitamin E and green tea, your skin is protected from the pollution outside.

Powered by Molecular Water, our favourite Daily Cream delivers an instant smoothing effect and stimulates cell turnover to reduce wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

The antioxidants improve blood flow to create younger looking and supple skin.

It is enriched with botanical extracts and antioxidants for maximum hydration at cellular level and strengthens the skin barrier. 


  • Molecular Water with active Oxygen

  • Olive and coconut oil extracts

  • Natural emollients Squalane,

  • Vitamin E

  • Green Tea 


Apply before using make-up in the morning. Use a few pumps of the Daily Cream and apply all over the face and decolette, every day in the morning, to achieve best results.


For dry and damaged skin.  



Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain

Molecular Water with active oxygen contains tiny molecules of water and silver, which has antibacterial properties. It penetrates the skin delivering water to tissue and stimulates self-rejuvenation process by encouraging quicker blood flow and delivery of cream's active ingredients. Additionally, it restores hydration and promotes optimum conditions for cell renewal and collagen production.


  • Moisturises dry and rough skin.
  • Energises skin to restore its natural radiance.
  • Protects the skin from bacteria and other microbes.


For all skin types.


Molecular Water, Molecular Silver


Use daily to achieve best results.



Awards and press:

As seen in Tatler
As seen in STYLEEDIT


Hand Cream Hydration + Rejuvenation

Stop your hand giving away your age with Hydration + Rejuvenation, the only hand cream that utilises Molecular Water to deliver below and above the surface hydration.

Easily absorbed and non-greasy, hands look and feel like silk, up to 72 hours. 

Professional, rich treatment forms an invisible protective ‘glove’ that shields hands from the harmful factors.

Double-blind tests results:


  • 100% of consumers reported a reduction in wrinkles
  • 75% of consumers reported softer skin
  • 75% of consumers said their nails were stronger 

  • Recommendation:

    For dry and damaged skin.


    Use daily to achieve best results.