[NEW] Dr Gabriela's Magic Box

[NEW] Dr Gabriela's Magic Box

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Magic exists! This box contains products hand-picked by Dr Gabriela herself and was designed to lift and rejuvenate your skin, while the Molecular Water with Hyaluronic Acid will heal and hydrate it to restore its youthful look. In this box, you will find everything what your skin might need to be magically restored to its younger self!


Molecular water with silver, significantly improves the hydration of the skin and has a soothing effect, by protecting it from all kinds of. The skin of the face becomes firm, and regains its fresh, youthful appearance. Non-ionic silver molecular particles, obtained by the physical method, contained in molecular water, stimulate regeneration of damaged tissue, show strong antimicrobial activity and may contribute to the reconstruction of skin tissue. Molecular water with silver refreshes and hydrates the skin.

Molecular Daily Cream

With the natural antioxidant benefits of olive oil, Vitamin E and green tea, your skin is protected from the pollution outside. 

Powered by Molecular Water, our favourite Daily Cream delivers an instant smoothing effect and stimulates cell turnover to reduce wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

The antioxidants improve blood flow to create younger looking and supple skin.

It is enriched with botanical extracts and antioxidants for maximum hydration at cellular level and strengthens the skin barrier. 

Molecular Eye Cream

An active eye cream with a light and silky texture and multifunctional action. The formula includes polysaccharides, oligopeptides, vitamins and a moisturising complex, which are quickly absorbed into the skin and provide required nourishment, resulting in beautifully smooth and lifted skin. Designed for thin, ageing skin around the eyes. Hydrates, repairs and removes wrinkles.

Night Booster Cream

Face, neck and decolletage. Powered by molecular water. An intense moisture-boost for dry and mature skin. Botanical extracts re-plump and restore suppleness. Skin exudes radiance and looks smooth and healthy. Stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. Night cream hydrates and repairs skin during the night. Strong stimulation, olive oil, coconut oil, grapes extract and lecithin stimulate biofilm. Contains Vitamin E as an antioxidant.

Platinum Lift Serum

Dr Gabriela's first clinical product - the Magic Beauty Facelift Serum was made for intense hydration and healing after aesthetic treatments. 

Platinum Lift Serum was created to lift and rejuvenate mature skin. Too many fine wrinkles? Skin looks dehydrated? Skin lost its firmness and elasticity?

This is an answer to all above problems!

Additionally it can be used normally to achieve incredibly smooth, lifted and glowing skin.