Bags Under Eyes Solution Set

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Set contains:

- Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain
- Aesthetic Magic Facelift Serum
- Platinum Lift Eye Cream

Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain is powered by molecular water. Soothing facial mist delivers instant hydration, stimulates cell renewal and promotes maximum absorption of anti-ageing actives. Delivers molecular water to the heart of the skin where it stimulates skin hydration. Tiny molecular-particles of molecular water are able to penetrate the skin cells of the dermis. They restore hydration and promote optimum conditions for cell renewal and collagen production.

Dr Gabriela's first clinical product - the Magic Beauty Facelift Serum was made for intense hydration and healing after aesthetic treatments. This serum's magical moisturising and rejuvenating properties help deliver the best results from your aesthetic treatments. But it can also be used normally to achieve incredibly smooth, lifted and glowing skin.

Platinum Lift Eye Cream is an active eye cream with a light and silky texture and multifunctional action. The formula includes polysaccharides, oligopeptides, vitamins and a moisturising complex, which are quickly absorbed into the skin and provide required nourishment, resulting in beautifully smooth and lifted skin. Designed for thin, ageing skin around the eyes. Hydrates, repairs and removes wrinkles.



Size: 95ml/30ml/30ml


Use daily to achieve best results.

First, use any of the two intensely hydrating mists for beautifully lifted, clear and glowing skin: Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain or Platinum Lift Anti-Ageing Mist. Spray it generously over the face and proceed to the next step, while the face is still wet.

Then use a few drops of Aesthetic Magic Facelift Serum for whole face (total 3-5 drops).

Finally, use a few pumps (3-4) of the Platinum Lift Eye Cream, under and around the eyes.

Key Ingredients:

Molecular Hydramist Magic Rain
Aqua, Silver (molecular)

Aesthetic Magic Facelift Serum
Molecular Water, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Provitamin B5

Platinum Lift Eye Cream
Molecular Water, Haloxyl Concentrate, Olive Oil, Urea, Hydroxysuccinimide

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