Hydration Essentials Box

Hydration Essentials Box

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Dr Gabriela Mercik recommends starting your Dr. Gabriela Skincare with these absolute essentials to make your skin dramatically improve and reflect your inner glow on the outside!

Hydration Essentials Box is a must-have to prepare your skin especially this dry winter. It will skyrocket your hydration levels and boost your collagen, stimulate healing, smooth and clear out your complexion for a youthful appearance. 

The best part about it is you get an amazing combo of all the magical ingredients in each product for the best skin you've ever lived in: 

Cleanser Oily/Combination 50ml

Toner Oily/Combination 50ml

Magic Rain Spray 95ml

Aesthetic Magic Serum (Blue) 30ml

Molecular Daily Cream 50ml

Molecular Eye Cream 30ml

Night Booster Cream 50ml

H&R Hand Cream 30ml

Platinum Lift Lip Balm 

Each box is hand packed with care, by a member of our specialist team, so your skin can enjoy the most unique skincare made especially for you!