Anti Hair Loss - Hair Stimulation Box

Anti Hair Loss - Hair Stimulation Box

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The Hair Stimulation Box contains the following products:

  • Anti-Hair Loss Serum – Volume 4U

Lactoferine rejuvenates the scalp with gold to stop losing hair and help rebuilding new hair follicles. Recommended daily use at home. A miracle come true.

  • Golden Shampoo – Volume 4U

With revolutionary formula for regeneration and nutrition. Thanks to the unique ingredients including gold nanoparticles and argan oil - known for its beneficial and protective properties, support the regeneration of the scalp and strengthen the hair structure.

Shampoo recommended especially for people with weak, dropping out, brittle, damaged hair, especially after dyeing.

  • Golden Hydramist – Volume 4U

Molecular Water with active oxygen contains tiny molecules of water and gold, which has antibacterial properties and stimulates collagen and elastin in the skin. Due to powerful regeneration and healing properties, gold molecules reduce inflammation and have cleansing and stimulating effects causing direct regeneration of the area around hair follicles, which results in reduction of hair loss. Additionally strengthens, firms and nourishes the scalp.